Celebrating International

Women's Day


"As it stands, NFT art styles are primarily very male-centric and something that I would call “bro art". We created HerNFT as a way to tap into more feminine energy and celebrate and showcase more female points of view within NFT art. These women all have something that they want to say and when it comes to the International Women's Day theme of #BreaktheBias, art can be a very powerful medium of getting that message across."

- Alla Koretsky,

CEO and Co-founder of HeyLayer

About the event

The Her:NFT launch event took place on March 8, 2022, in the vSpace Metaverse. You can learn more about the artists, visit the Collections, and buy NFTs on the HeyLayer Marketplace. Scroll down for more information!

The Collections

Her:NFT Collection

HerNFT is a limited, curated collection of NFTs created by female artists in celebration of International Women’s Day and breaking the bias against women in blockchain. The collection taps into feminine energy and showcases female perspectives with NFT art. The collection debuted on March 8, 2022 for International Women’s Day, in partnership with Stacks Foundation. HeyLayer will donate 100% of its portion of sales from the event to support Ukraine.

Click to view Her:NFT Collection

Female Filmmakers: Female Gaze

This is a curated collection of NFTs by female artists from all around the world interpreting their vision of a female filmmaker or of female gaze. “Female Filmmakers” is a web3 movement created by film director and feminist Josephine LF. The Female Filmmakers: Female Gaze NFT collection aims to bring more awareness to the fact that there is a lack of female filmmakers in the film industry, create more diversity and equality in front of and behind the camera, and proactively contribute towards a meaningful shift in the industry. The collection debuted on March 8, 2022, as part of the Her:NFT event for International Women’s Day organized by HeyLayer and Stacks Foundation. 40% of the proceeds will be used to empower women in the film industry, and to the production of a short film via Just Love Film Academy with at least 51% percent of female crew and starring an AfroLatina or AfroSpanish lead actress.

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Artist Bios


About HeyLayer

HeyLayer is a one-stop platform for managing NFT campaigns at scale, focused on making it super simple for brands to transition to Web3. HeyLayer’s no-code solution includes free and easy minting (no gas fees!), customized NFT storefronts, Credit Card checkout, and minting APIs for complete white-label integration.

HeyLayer is a women-led company with a diverse international team committed to creating a more sustainable future and leveraging Web 3.0 to do good in the real-world.


About Stacks

Stacks is an open-source blockchain network that leverages the security and capital of Bitcoin for decentralized apps and smart contracts. Instead of starting from scratch, Stacks extends Bitcoin with new functionality. Bitcoin is Stacks’ secure and robust base layer where all transactions are settled, and Stacks adds complex apps and smart contracts. Stacks apps can interact with Bitcoin state, so you can have an app that uses Bitcoin as its currency.


About vSpace

vSpace.live is a cross-reality experience platform bringing human connection and expression back into virtual and hybrid experiences. vSpace integrates the most popular streaming, hosting, and e-Commerce services into a configurable 3D environment that's accessible without any app downloads or headgear. Their core technology works on web and mobile, allowing people to explore fully customizable spaces for work, play, and education. For the best experience, guests are encouraged to join via desktop. The Women-and-Minority-Owned metaverse platform perfectly marries experiential expertise with artfully curated tech welcoming a diverse web of multifaceted creatives, producers, and people.

Three Girls

About Just Love Film Academy

Just Love Film Academy is an online film academy for Ibero-American female filmmakers. Its aim is to empower women through courses such as: mindset for success, pitching techniques, networking strategies, pitch decks best practices, NFTs for the film industry. Just Love Film Academy's mission is to proactively contribute in growing the number of female filmmakers working in the film industry.

Four girls

Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How do I access the event?

Until March 11 at 12pm EST, you will be able to enter the immersive gallery at vspace.live/hernft. The virtual gallery is best experienced on desktop/laptop and does not require any extra hardware or software. If mobile accessibility is needed, kindly download Google Chrome and ensure to dismantle any pop up blockers prior to the event!

If you are having technical difficulties, please check that you have a solid internet connection, and try refreshing your web browser or restarting your computer if the problem persists!

  • Premiere Launch & Social Experience, March 8, 2022 at 12pm-2pm EST:

    Guests can turn their camera and microphone on to socialize or turn off to stay an avatar/wall flower. Mingle with the artists and be the first to view and purchase NFTs from this special collection! The event will be in a multi-verse. When you enter vSpace, you will be assigned to a universe and can mingle with guests there. If you’re looking to talk to a specific guest or artists in your universe, simply click on their name in the list of participants! You can even jump into a different universe if it has space!

  • Art Gallery Solo Viewing, March 8, 2022 at 3pm EST-March 11, 2022 at 12pm EST:

    Guests can enter the immersive gallery after the premiere launch / social experience in solo mode to explore the 3D environment, video content on demand, and any NFTs that are still available for purchase.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Q - How can I get a Her:NFT?

At the start of the event on March 8, 2022 at 12pm EST, more than 30 NFTs minted as part Her:NFT will be put up for sale in the marketplace at HeyLayer.com. Prices will vary.

18 of these NFTs will come from female filmmakers in the Just Love Film Academy as part of a series called "Female Filmmakers: Female Gaze.”

Showcased in a virtual gallery within the vSpace Metaverse, guests can click on any of the pieces to be taken directly to its listing in the HeyLayer marketplace for purchase. The virtual gallery will remain open for solo viewing through Friday, March 11 to allow individuals to enjoy the displayed

NFTs at their leisure, and the pieces will be available until either sold or reclaimed by the original artist.

HeyLayer offers a simple checkout process that allows you to make purchases in USD via credit card, or with STX through the Hiro Web Wallet.

More info on how to make purchases in the HeyLayer marketplace is available here.

Q - What will be the price of a Her:NFT?

Prices will vary, ranging from $150 to $15,000 USD.

Q - How many Her:NFTs can I purchase in one transaction?

You’ll have to purchase each NFT separately in the HeyLayer marketplace, but there is no limit to the number of different NFTs you can buy. The checkout process is quick and simple and should only take a few seconds for each!

Q - How many Her:NFTs can I purchase in one transaction?

Yes! While each one is unique, a good number of the artists have provided unlockable content that will be awarded to the new owner of their piece. After purchase, the HeyLayer Team will email a link to download these unlockables. To give you an idea, some of the unlockables include an animated GIF form of the artwork, behind the scenes photos, or related visuals.

Q - What can I do with my Her:NFT?

Show it off! Upon purchase, you are the proud owner of a unique and rare digital artwork. You can set it as your profile pic on Twitter, show it off to others in the crypto community, hold onto it as an investment, or even resell it later.

Q - Will any of the proceeds benefit charitable organizations?

Yes! 2.5% of Her:NFT sales will be allocated as a charitable donation to Just Love Film Academy, an online film academy for Ibero-American female filmmakers. For NFTs in the Female Filmmakers: Female Gaze series, 40% of sales will go to Just Love Film Academy.

Q - I have more questions, where can I ask them?

Please email the HeyLayer Team at [email protected]


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